Chechnya Threatens Journalists For Reporting Mass Arrests

Chechnya Threatens Journalists For Reporting Mass Arrests

LGBT people aren’t the only ones who are at risk of official violence in Chechnya. Chechen leaders have issued threats against journalists who reported the mass arrests and torture of men in Chechnya who were suspected of being gay.

Russia’s opposition newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, reported Thursday that Chechen religious and government leaders held a meeting on April 3 at which they threatened journalists who revealed the mass arrests of more than 100 Chechens suspected of being gay.  The meeting adopted a resolution stating about the journalists that “retribution will come to them wherever they are without time limitation.”

People at the meeting, including Chechen Muslim clerics, said that the Novaya Gazeta article had insulted their faith and the dignity of Chechen men. The newspaper denied that accusation and called for a dialogue.


Source: 76 CRIMES