YouTube Queer Web Series Viewing Guide

YouTube Queer Web Series Viewing Guide

Here’s a list of 12 queer web series for you to check out: 

Easy Abby (2012-2013)

Comedy series about the love affairs and adventures of a queer girl who can’t get enough of either.

Created by Wendy Jo Carlton and Lisa Cordileone
Orientation: Lesbian Dramedy
Setting: Chicago, Illinois
TRT: 13 episodes averaging 7mins

Derek and Cameron (2013-2014)

Along the lines of Thirteen or so Minutes…and Triple Standard we bring you the real lives of Derek and Cameron and unconventional gay love story rooted in deep connection and love.

Created by Branden Blinn
Orientation: VGL Gay Exceedingly Verbal Drama
Setting: West Coast-y
TRT: 5 episodes averaging 9mins

The Horizon (2009-current)

In the most popular gay web series in the world, country mouse Jake (Paul Layton) moves to Sydney to be with a guy he met on Manhunt and ends up with a broken heart and a drag queen roommate.

Created by Adam Jones and Boaz Stark
Orientation: Safe Sex Soap Opera
Setting: Sydney, Australia
TRT: 32 episodes (4 seasons) averaging 7.75mins

Studville TV (2013)

The lives and loves of 4 African-American lesbian tops (i.e. “Studs”) living in Atlanta, GA. 

Orientation: Butch African-American Lesbians
Setting: Atlanta, GA
TRT: 18 episodes (2 seasons) averaging 20mins

Out With Dad (2010-current)

This PFLAG endorsed, award winning series features high school aged Rose (Kate Conway) dealing with coming out as a lesbian, while her father Nathan (Jonathan Robbins) deals with becoming the father of one.

Created by Jason Leaver
Orientation: Diary of a High School Lesbian
Setting: Toronto, Canada
TRT: 42 episodes (3 seasons) averaging 9mins

Venice The Series (2009-current)

Gina (Crystal Chappell) is a strong, professional lesbian trying to balance relationships, family life and network of friends, each with drama of their own.

Created by Crystal Chappell and Kim Turrisi
Orientation: Lesbian Soap Opera
Setting: Venice Beach, California
TRT: 48 episodes (4 seasons) averaging 15 mins

Where the Bears Are (2012-current)

A WeHo bear has been murdered and it’s up to Reggie (Rick Copp), Wood (Joe Dietl) and Nelson (Ben Zook) to find the killer.

Created by Joe Dietl, Rick Copp and Ben Zook
Orientation: Gay Bear Comedy Murder Mystery
Setting: Los Angeles, California
TRT: 71 Episodes (3 seasons) averaging 8mins + 2 holiday specials

Hustling (2011-2014)

Everyone is doing it for the money in this recently completed series about Ryan Crosby (Sebastian La Cause), who, after working for 20 years as a porn star/hustler is forced to take stock of his life when the money (and his youth) begins to run dry.

Created by Sebastian La Cause
Orientation: Gay-for-Pay Tragic Dramedy
Setting: New York City
TRT: 27 episodes (3 seasons) averaging 14mins

Little Horribles (2013)

Amy eats her feelings and has awkward/relatable encounters with pretty much everyone she comes across. If Girls and Curb Your Enthusiasm had a love child that grew up to be a dyke, this is what she would look like.

Created by Amy York Rubin
Orientation: Lesbian Self-Indulgence
Setting: Los Angeles, California
TRT: 12 episodes that average 16.5mins

My Gay Roommate (2012-current)

Nick (Noam Ash) is a co-dependent, boundaryless homosexual who is video blogging his living situations with a series of heterosexual roommates. A winsome approach and frequent musical outbursts is a big part of this show’s charm.

Created by Noam Ash and Austin Bening
Orientation: Gay Video Blog
Setting: Boston & New York
TRT: 11 episodes (3 seasons) averaging 6.5mins

Street Behavior (2013)

Created to fill a hole in LGBT representation in the media, this show leans more toward educating than entertaining. Beneath relentlessly angry characters arguing for relatively long running times, you’ll find an unapologetic take on sex, drugs, homophobia and religion from a very specific POV of out-and-proud people of color.

Created by RJ Veney
Orientation: LGBT Urban Realness
Setting: New York City
TRT: 15 episodes (2 seasons) averaging 27mins

Starting From… Now! (2014-current)

Steph (Sarah de Possesse) arrives in Sydney in hopes of starting a new life and a new job and falls in love with her best friend’s girlfriend.

Created by Julie Kalceff

Orientation: Lesbian DRAMA
Setting: Sydney, Australia
TRT: 18 episodes (3 seasons) averaging 8mins



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