Lesbian: The Most Searched Term on Pornhub Across The United States

Lesbian: The Most Searched Term on Pornhub Across The United States

California likes “lesbians,” but Rhode Island prefers “MILFs.”

Your state-by-state guide to X-rated Pornhub searches.

In this current election season, America often feels deeply and enduringly divided. But, at least in terms of our porn preferences, there are a few things we can agree on.

“Lesbian” is the most-searched term on Pornhub in the majority of the 50 states and represents a shared interest even between such politically disparate places as Alabama and California, according to a new analysis.

In partnership with Vocativ, Pornhub analyzed state-by-state searches during the first month of this year. The term “lesbian” ranked highest in 30 states scattered from west to east. In fact, among the ten states driving the most traffic to Pornhub, “lesbian” was the leading search term in all but two. California, which accounts for the largest proportion of searches nationwide, took the crown with more than 187,000 searches for the word in January alone.

PornhubMostSearchedTermsIn much of the rest of the country, things get a little incestuous. Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Ohio and Maine searched for “step sister” above and beyond any other term. In Washington, South Dakota, Kentucky, Alaska and New Hampshire, they preferred “step mom.” Rhode Island also showed a taste for the maternal with the most-search term of “MILF.”

Several states seemed to instead express a racial preference: In Mississippi, Georgia and Delaware, the top search term was “ebony.” In Louisiana, it was “black.” In Hawaii, “asian.” This generally make sense: Mississippi, Louisiana and Georgia are among six states where the Black population accounts for more than 25 percent of the total population, according to the 2010 census. As of the 2000 census, Hawaii was the only state with a majority Asian American population.

Then there’s the more perplexing case of Vermont, Nebraska and Arkansas, all of which went with “cartoon.”

But before you draw any conclusions about the precious idiosyncrasies of American sexuality, consider how these kinks perform on the international stage. Last year, “lesbian” was the most searched term on Pornhub worldwide. And as for “step mom,” “step sister,” “MILF,” “ebony,” “black” and “asian”? They all made the list of the top 20 global search terms of the year. It turns out we’re all citizens of the world when it comes to porn.

Source: The United States Of Porn: A State-By-State Guide – By Tracy Clark-Flory


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