Italian Court Rules Same-Sex Marriages Registered Abroad Will Not Be Recognized –

Italian Court Rules Same-Sex Marriages Registered Abroad Will Not Be Recognized –

Angelino-AlfanoAn Italian court on Tuesday ruled that same-sex couples who wed abroad can’t have their marriages registered in Italy. The decision by the Counsel of State, Italy’s highest administrative court, has overturned the decision by a lower court which backed the move of the cities that decided to register the marriages of gay and lesbian couples performed overseas. Although Italy has no legal framework for same-sex unions, a number of Mayors and city officials in cities including Rome, Naples and Milan had gone ahead to recognize same-sex marriages despite threats from the government not to do so. Interior Minister Angelino Alfano, who last year issued an order banning the practice, had taken the matter to the courts, according to Gazzetta del Sud. Foreign ministry undersecretary Benedetto Della Vedova said the latest ruling was ‘a victory for none and a defeat for all.’ He added that Italy ‘remains at the starting post with regards to gay rights, which urgently need to be regulated.’ Italy is the only major country in Western Europe that does not recognize either gay marriage or civil unions. Parliament is currently examining a civil union bill for same-sex couples which has met fierce opposition from conservative quarters while marriage equality advocates have called the bill a poor compromise.

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