WATCH: Gay Cruise Passenger Argued with Crew Moments Before Falling Overboard

WATCH: Gay Cruise Passenger Argued with Crew Moments Before Falling Overboard

bernardo-elbaz-x750The gay man who fell off a Royal Caribbean cruise ship last week was arguing with crew members moments before he allegedly threw himself off the balcony, according to new video obtained by Inside Edition.

The video purports to show Bernardo Albaz arguing with Royal Caribbean crew members inside he and his husband’s room moments before he plunged into the ocean following an alleged altercation over anti-gay remarks, including being asked if he was a “pedophile.”

Albaz and his husband Eric were vacationing on the ship together, and contend they were repeatedly harassed by crew members who taunted the couple with anti-gay remarks, calling out to Albaz by saying “Hi, Lipstick.” The tension escalated when Albaz was allegedly asked to stop filming with his cell phone at the ship’s pool — which is when his husband claims crewmembers accused Albaz of being a pedophile.

In the new video released Tuesday, Albaz can be heard telling staff in his cabin, “I have a husband. I am not a pedophile, OK?”

Royal Caribbean officials claim security came to Albaz’s room after a neighboring guest complained about a domestic dispute on his balcony, and that Albaz willingly jumped overboard.

Mike Winkleman, attorney for the Albaz family, initially denied the allegation that Albaz intentionally threw himself overboad, but amended that statement with the release of the video. Winkleman now acknowledges that Albaz was intoxicated, and contends that his client did intentionally “go over the balcony,” as a “show of protest” of the antigay harassment he allegedly endured.

Winkleman says the newly released video “clearly shows that this had nothing to do with a domestic dispute, but instead had everything to do with repeated antigay bullying being done by various Royal Caribbean staff and crew members.”

Albaz’s body is still lost at sea. He is presumed dead.

Watch Inside Edition’s report of the new video footage below:



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