Madonna’s Brother: Kim Davis Is Proof Gay People Are ‘Sore Winners’

Madonna’s Brother: Kim Davis Is Proof Gay People Are ‘Sore Winners’

Christopher Ciccone, the gay brother of Madonna, is defending Kentucky clerk Kim Davis as a victim of LGBT “sore winners” in a Facebook post, which got picked up by the Hollywood Reporter.

Davis has refused to issue marriage licenses in Rowan County, Ky. She took her objection all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court and lost. That let a federal judge move ahead with enforcing his ruling, which she still ignored, so she’s been in jail on contempt since Thursday. Now she’s appealing that decision, too.

“Once again, the gay community feels the need to be sore winners,” Ciccone wrote on Facebook. “Is it so difficult to allow this women her religion?…or must we destroy her in order for here to betray her faith. No matter how we judge its truth. The rights we have all fought for, mean nothing, if we deny her hers.”

Ciccone warned that “selective shaming and bullying corrupts a democracy.” And he asked, “since when are we the arbiter of other peoples faith?”

Ciccone and his famous sister have had a rocky relationship, with Madonna once describing them as the closest of siblings when growing up. Then Ciccone accused Madonna of outing him for publicity in the ’90s, and he wrote a tell-all book that she disapproved of, and the two grew apart.

While launching a failed campaign to become a judge on American Idol, he bragged the “infamous ‘Ciccone tongue'” would help him stand in for Simon Cowell. For the complete statement by Ciccone, check out the Hollywood Reporter.



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