Anti-Gay Stockton Mayor Arrested on Youth Camp Strip Poker Charges

Anti-Gay Stockton Mayor Arrested on Youth Camp Strip Poker Charges

STOCKTON — You’re likely to see Mayor Anthony Silva presiding over Stockton’s next city council meeting even though he’s now facing felony charges in a youth camp strip poker scandal.

FOX40’s cameras were the only ones there as he was arrested Thursday while hosting a new set of campers at the Silver Lake facility where his alleged crimes were committed with a different group of kids back in 2015.

Silva has posted bail, which makes him available for duty.

According to Stockton’s city charter, the vice mayor only steps in during the temporary absence or disability of the mayor.

The council would have to meet to chart another course of action in the face of the mayor’s arrest, and members are not scheduled to sit down together again until Tuesday.

“He’s not there!” shouted one neighbor as he drove near the mayor’s Spanos Park home hours after Silva was released from the Amador County Jail.

Neighbors who share the mayor’s court were either not home or were obviously inside and chose not to come to their doors to talk about what’s happened when FOX40’s cameras were there — some dashing to their cars to leave.

“He’s the mayor, he’s supposed to show a good example,” said one of Silva’s new neighbors from across the street.

He didn’t want to reveal his name or have his face shown on camera, but he did want to share that opinion about his city’s leader — a man now accused of recording audio of unclothed teens playing strip poker while he looked on, allegedly providing alcohol to minors, contributing to the delinquency of a minor and cruelty to a child by endangering their health.

Even before his arrest, controversy was already swirling around Silva.

Just last Friday FOX40 caught up with him as he left for the camp where he’d be arrested six days later, hours after the San Joaquin county DA revealed one of two guns stolen from him was used to kill a 13-year-old.

Shocking enough to many around town, and now state Assemblywoman Susan Eggmann is the latest to add her voice to the chorus of those calling for Silva to quote “do the right thing and resign, sparing the city and its people the spectacle of a felony trial.”

No sign of or comment from Silva’s opponent in his current re-election campaign, Councilman Michael Tubbs, who faced his own arrest for DUI last year.

Some people think the city’s only choice now is — not Silva.

One of those people is the mayor’s neighbor who didn’t want his identity revealed.

“Ain’t nobody gonna vote for him now. He messed that up. Not a good example. How you gonna run a city … running around with little kids?” he said.

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