Joe Budden Seriously Struggles to Figure Out What Transgender Means

Joe Budden Seriously Struggles to Figure Out What Transgender Means

celebs-carmen-carrera-joe-buddenJoe Budden took an important step for the hip hop community on Monday night’s episode of Couples Therapy, when the New York emcee learned — and showed his acceptance of — what it means to be transgender. It all started when Budden noticed something different about his cast mate Carmen Carrera. “I’m like, something’s not right here. This girl’s got butt… and a white girl shouldn’t have no butt,” he said to cast mate Kaylin Garcia. He later observed that Carrera repeatedly talked about transitioning, and then, putting two and two together, realized that the model is transgender, and had transitioned from male to female.”I looked over and said, ‘I wanted to tap you?'” said Joe, before adding, “F**k, she looks good.” After admitting some confusion about what it means to be transgender, Joe concluded, “I don’t care about stuff like that. Transgender, transition, gay, you not gay, like, if you cool then you cool with me.”He does, however, have some questions. Not necessarily for Carmen, but for her boyfriend, Adrian Torres. Namely, the rapper is interested to know if Adrian is gay because he is in a relationship with Carmen. He hesitated to ask Adrian directly because, “I don’t know what people’s quirks are,” but said that “I’m not homophobic. I’m pretty welcome and open minded, in that regard. You know, my stance is, I love gay people, they love me. I just wanted to know what sexual preference Adrian is.”

Source: BET.COM


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