Nathan Lane Gets Married After 18 Years With Partner

Nathan Lane Gets Married After 18 Years With Partner

nathan-lane-and-devlin-elliottNathan Lane is married, reports People magazine and others. The Tony-Award winning actor also known for LGBT favorites such as The Birdcage and even a recurring character now on Modern Family, married his longtime partner Devlin Elliott of 18 years on Tuesday at city hall in New York City, the magazine reports. The couple recently wrote a children’s book together, Naughty Mabel, that they discussed on The View. And while there, they speculated on how if they ever got married, it would be low key. “Well, we don’t want to rush into anything,” joked Lane, when asked whether the couple might get married. He shared a pair of rings they’d already bought. Lane actually came out in The Advocate back in 1999, not that he thought anyone was surprised.



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