Laverne Cox Stuns in Natural Selfie on Instagram

Laverne Cox Stuns in Natural Selfie on Instagram

#AuNaturale #NoMakeup #NoFilter #NoWeave #washfacenobase #TransIsBeautiful

This wasn’t the first no makeup selfie from the trans activist, but it was the first one to feature her without her signature weave. As can be expected the Internet loved the nude and bare look and quickly gave her the adoration that she deserved.

To many her natural selfie may not seem like a big deal, but within black women’s circles and the entertainment industry there continues to be few stars that opt for their natural curls. Last year, actress Viola Davis made a splash on TV screens when her How to Get Away With Murder character removed both her makeup and wig during an episode of the show’s inaugural season. A number of think pieces and comments flooded the web proving the importance of natural hair representation in the media and by our biggest stars.

Hats off for Cox and others for embracing their natural hair! Here’s to more beautiful, stripped down selfies from Muva Laverne!



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