Canada LGBTQ Resources

519 Church Street Community Centre

The 519 is a meeting place and focus for its vital and varied downtown community. Within a supportive environment it responds to community issues and needs by supplying the resources and opportunities to foster self-determination. It is committed to principles of accessibility, voluntarism, individual dignity and value, participation and celebration.

Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association (ARGRA) (Regional: Calgary, AB)

A nonprofit society formed in 1991, ARGRA offers a number of programs promoting the western lifestyle within the community, including an annual rodeo event.

AlterHéros (Local: Montreal, QC)

AlterHéros is a one-stop interactive portal that aims to demystify homosexuality among youth, parents, family and friends, as well as educators.

Around the Rainbow (Regional: Ottawa, ON)

Around the Rainbow works with the gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, two spirit, and queer (LGBTTQ) community, and allies, to support diverse families in childcare, preschools, schools in the greater Ottawa area. We focus on those who serve 0 to 6-year-olds.

Avenue Community Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (Local: Saskatoon, SK)

This organization strives to serve all genders and sexual orientations no matter where the individuals fall on the continuum. The Avenue Community Centre offers a range of services including counselling, social events, sponsored clubs and groups, and information resources.

BBCM Foundation – Bad Boy Club Montreal

Buddies in Bad Times Theatre

A premiere gay and lesbian theatre, founded in 1979 in Toronto. Each year Buddies presents its exciting, high profile season from October to March in The Chamber. The remainder of the year is filled with equally high profile, independently produced shows and events

Calgary Outlink

The association offers a centralized information centre for community resources; a drop in centre; peer counselling for gays, lesbians, their families and friends; and, workshops and seminars.

Camp fYrefly (National: Edmonton, AB)

Camp fYrefly is a leadership retreat for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-identified, two-spirited, intersex, queer, and allied (LGBTTIQ&A) youth. The annual summer retreat is designed to help youth develop the leadership skills and resiliency necessary for them to become change agents in their schools, families, and communities.

Canadian Association for Education and Outreach (Local: Montreal, QC)

Canadian Association for Education and Outreach offers three community programs: Gay Line, a confidential phone and online chat service that provides a listening ear and access to LGBTQ friendly resources; GayOnline, a monitored chat room service; and SILK, a youth outreach program which provides interactive and educational workshops to Montreal high schools.

Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (National: Toronto, ON)

The Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR) is Canada’s only independent charitable foundation dedicated to eliminating AIDS through research. By funding promising Canadian HIV and AIDS research and promoting prevention through educational campaigns, CANFAR is working to end AIDS globally.

Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives

A group of volunteers working in Toronto to preserve lesbian and gay history in Canada and beyond. Our primary mandate is to collect and maintain information related to gay and lesbian life in Canada. We gather material on people, organizations, issues and events and arrange that material, record it, store it — and secure it for the future.

Capital Pride (Local: Ottawa, ON)

Capital Pride is the central planning committee for the annual festival celebrating the LGBTQ community in Ottawa.

Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Rights in Ontario (CLGRO)

An organization composed of groups and individuals who are committed to working towards feminism and bisexual, lesbian, and gay liberation by engaging in public struggle for full human rights, by promoting diversity and access, and by strengthening cooperative networks for lesbian, gay, and bisexual activism.

Community One Foundation (Local: Toronto, ON)

The foundation supports individuals and groups that enhance the development of the LGBTTIQQ2S communities in the GTA including Durham, Halton, Peel and York Regions. It provides funding for projects and programs in the areas of education, health, human rights and arts and culture.

Egale Canada

Advances equality and justice for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-identified people, and their families, across Canada.

Fairy Tales (Regional: Calgary, AB)

The Fairytales Presentation Society is a nonprofit society that presents an annual festival of independent films made by and/or about the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, twin spirited (queer) community called The Fairy Tales International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

Fraser Valley Youth Society

Provides, at no charge, secure, supportive and comfortable social venues where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth can meet and explore the social, historic, intellectual and emotional reality of their identity.

Gay and Lesbian Health Services of Saskatoon (Local: Saskatoon, SK)

Gay & Lesbian Health Services was incorporated in 1991 as a nonprofit agency in Saskatoon working to address health and social issues in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, two-spirit and transgender (LGBTT) community. Its work includes, but is not restricted to advocacy, education, support, and improved access to health services.

The Internet arm of the Canadian Gay, Lesbian & Bisexual Resource Directory.

Gay Fathers of Toronto (Local: Toronto, ON)

A Toronto peer support group for gay men who are also fathers. In addition to regular meetings, the group also offers special presentations by family counsellors, psychologists, lawyers and other professionals.

Groupe de Recherche et d’Intervention Sociale gais et lesbiennes (GRIS-Montreal)(Local: Montreal, QC)

GRIS-Montreal works to demystify homosexuality in the secondary schools, colleges and universities of the Montreal area. We want to support a better knowledge of homosexual realities and to facilitate the integration of gays and lesbians in society.

Le Groupe de Recherche et d’Intervention Sociale gais et lesbiennes (GRIS-Montréal) a pour mission de démystifier l’homosexualité dans les écoles secondaires, les cégeps et les universités de la région de Montréal. Nous voulons favoriser une meilleure connaissance des réalités homosexuelles et faciliter l’intégration des gais et lesbiennes dans la société.

Halifax Pride (Local: Halifax, NS)

2. Halifax Pride is a not-for-profit organization producing a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Pride Festival that is accessible and reflects and celebrates the best of the LGBTQ community and culture in Halifax and throughout Nova Scotia.

Inside Out (Local: Toronto, ON)

Inside Out’s mission is the promotion and exhibition of film and video by or about lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) people. Through a variety of initiatives, they are committed to nurturing and supporting new and established artists while providing opportunities for audiences to view the best and most diverse work of interest to the LGBT communities. They run the Toronto Lesbian and Gay Film and Video Festival annually in May.

Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees (IRQR) (International: Toronto, ON)

IRQR believe that Iranian queers are entitled to live free from persecution and the threat of death just because of who they love. The IRQR works to increase public awareness about, and provide support such as legal services and financial assistance, to refugees and immigrants leaving Iran because of persecution bases on their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Jer’s Vision (Regional: Ontario)

Jer’s vision works to address bullying, homophobia, transphobia, and discrimination (of all kinds) in schools and youth communities.

Lambda Foundation (National: Ottawa, ON)

Lambda Foundation is a national registered Canadian charity creating scholarships in gay and lesbian studies. They work to advance research and education in human rights and build bridges of understanding among gay and lesbian people and other equality-seeking groups, as well as general society.

LEGIT (Canada) – The Lesbian & Gay Immigration Task Force

Shares information and lobbies for changes to the Immigration regulations, such that same-sex families will be recognized for the purpose of immigration.

2. The LGBTQ Youth Centre (Local: Montreal, QC)

2. The LGBTQ Youth Centre serves Montreal’s West Island by providing a safe and welcoming environment where lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning young people can come to hang out, meet, talk, get to know each other, ask questions and understand themselves better.

Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Youth Project

The mission of the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Youth Project is to make Nova Scotia a safer, healthier and happier place for youth through support, education, advocacy, self-empowerment, resources and community development. We provide facilitated groups for young men and women 25 and under, alcohol and drug free events, individual support, public education and more.

Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line (Regional: Ontario)

The Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line is a toll-free, Ontario-wide, peer-support phone line for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, 2-spirited, queer, and questioning young people. The Youth Line also provides online support through an online forum and email responses.

Nova Scotia Rainbow Action Project Society

Seeks to foster change in our communities and our society at large so that people of all sexual orientations are valued and included. We will achieve this through community development, networking, outreach and political action.

Out on Bay Street (National)

Out on Bay Street’s (OOBS) mission is to support lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and ally (“LGBTQA”) undergraduate and graduate students across Canada. Built on the foundation of leadership, mentoring, and networking, they strive to provide effective opportunities and resources for these future leaders. They promote awareness of the role that the LGBTQA community plays in organizations, to provide a space for students to interact with professionals and share ideas and experiences, and to foster growth by exposing students to strong leaders and role models that have paved the way for the LGBTQA community.


OUTline is a resource and support service specializing in questions relating to sexual orientation and gender identity serving the University of Guelph and Guelph/Wellington community. OUTline offers support through a confidential and anonymous phone line staffed by trained LGBTIQQ2 volunteers (519-836-4550). Hours of operation vary, so please call for exact times. We also offer workshops by request that aim to engage the community in conversations about LGBTIQQ2 issues.

PFLAG Canada

A national voice that speaks for a more accepting Canadian society by providing support, education and resources on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity. We actively assist in the recognition and growth of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two-spirit, intersex, queer, and questioning persons and their families and friends, within their diverse cultures and societies.

PFLAG Durham Region (Regional: Oshawa, ON)

PFLAG Durham Region helps all personswho are struggling with issues of their sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression. They also support, educate and provide resources to parents, families, friends and colleagues with questions or concerns regarding these issues. They offer Parent Groups, Youth Groups, Trans Groups, Youth Camp, LGBT Services in and for the Durham Region.

PFLAG Canada – Peterborough ON (Local: Peterborough, ON)

PFLAG Canada – Peterborough ON was born of a need by parents to help themselves and family members deal with, understand, and accept their non-heterosexual children and the new world they are thrust into when their children “come-out.” The organization deals with sexual orientation and gender identity issues from a family perspective, providing support, education and resources.

Pink Triangle Press (National)

Pink Triangle Press is Canada’s leading gay and lesbian media organization. Founded in 1971 to advance the struggle for sexual liberation, its defining activity is lesbian and gay journalism.

PTS (Local: Ottawa, ON)

A Centre for Ottawa’s Queer Community. As a centre for the celebration of sexual orientation and gender diversity, PTS serves a vibrant and diverse community through support, education and advocacy services. They strive in their work to empower all Queer people in greater Ottawa, and to encourage their well-being and prosperity.

Pride and Remembrance Run Association (Local: Toronto, ON)

An incorporated, not-for-profit, all-volunteer organization founded in 1996 to organize and promote an annual athletic event in conjunction with Toronto’s Pride Week.

Pride Centre Edmonton (Local: Edmonton, AB)

Provides resources, support and programming for the GLBTTIQ (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered, Transsexual, Intersex & Questioning) community and its supporters in Edmonton, AB and surrounding areas. Services include a drop-in centre, free community access computers with Internet, a library, meeting space, and monthly programming.

Pride Toronto (Local: Toronto, ON)

Pride Toronto is the not-for-profit organization that hosts Pride Week, an annual event in downtown Toronto, which takes place each year during the last week of June. Pride Week celebrates diverse sexual and gender identities, histories, cultures, creativities, families, friends and lives. It includes a three-day street festival.

Queer McGill

A social / political / information / support service organization for lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender students, and their friends.

Queer West Arts and Culture Centre (Local: Toronto, ON)

A not-for-profit place, that produces performing arts festivals and outreach programming for all orientations, with a focus on west Toronto’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered (LGBT) and allied communities, since 2001.

Reelout Queer Film and Video Festival (Local: Kingston, ON)

Reelout’s mandate is to bring diverse independent film and video to Kingston. In so doing we hope to construct a vibrant queer space that brings together all the members of our community, creating an important and all too rare opportunity for dialogue and pleasure.

S.A.F.E. (Stop Abuse for Everyone)

A non-profit organization that provides advocacy, information, and support for men and women who are the victims of domestic violence. We set up and advocate for services for men and women, straight, gay, or lesbian, with the vision of a world of powerful, supportive relationships, free of violence. S.A.F.E. concentrates on domestic violence against straight men, gay men, and lesbian women, because few services exist for these groups.

South Island Pride Community Centre Society (Regional: Victoria, BC)

The SIPCCentre is a community resource providing support, health and social services, and public education for the well being of people of all genders, gender identities, and sexualities, and their allies in the southern part of Vancouver Island.

Stop Abuse for Everyone

Supporting Our Youth

Supporting Our Youth (SOY) is a dynamic community development organization designed to improve the lives of LGBTT youth in Toronto through the active involvement of youth and adult communities. We work to create healthy arts, culture and recreational spaces for young people; to provide supportive housing and employment opportunities; and to increase youth access to adult mentoring and support.

Ten Oaks Project (Regional: Ottawa, ON)

Develops, promotes, provides, and supports programming for the children of LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans-identified, two-spirit, queer) and/or non-traditional families, youth who are themselves LGBTQ, and their allies. A not-for-profit, charitable organization that offers two programs: Camp Ten Oaks and Rainbow Families.

Timmins Pride (Local: Timmins, ON)

Timmins Pride is the nonprofit organization responsible for the pride week activities that are held annually in Timmins, Ontario. Their week of activities occur in June and include the following; a parade and rally, a drag show, an art exhibit and much more.

Timmins Rainbow LGBT Community (Local: Timmins, ON)

This local group serves the Timmins, Iroquois Falls, Matheson, and Chapleau area. They host secure, supportive, and fun social activities and meetups where lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered individuals can get together and celebrate their true self.

Toronto Women’s Bookstore (Local: Toronto, ON)

A nonprofit bookstore dedicated to promoting anti-oppression politics and feminist politics. Our mission is to provide books by women writers, especially marginalized women, including women of colour, First Nations women, lesbians, other queer women, working class women, disabled women, Jewish women, and other groups of women.

Travel Gay Canada (National: Toronto, ON)

Travel Gay Canada (TGC) is a not-for-profit association of tourism-related organizations. As the Canadian LGBT Tourism Industry Association, Travel Gay Canada sets the highest standards of respect and service, and provides economic opportunities for members through research, training, product development, and promotion.

Vancouver Pride Society

The society coordinates the annual Pride Parade celebrating the gay-lesbian – bisexual – transgendered (“GLBT”) community. The parade is Western Canada’s largest GLBT parade and Vancouver’s second largest annual event.

 Welcome Friend Association

Welcome Friend Association promotes understanding, cooperation and support for and among members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Two-spirit, & Queer/Questioning (LGBT2SQ ) and their allies. Welcome Friend Association focuses on community matters concerning family life, social inclusion, raising children, living healthy and productive social and economic lives, faith communities, and contributing to society and the communities in which we live.

Youth Project (Regional: Halifax, NS)

The Youth Project is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to providing support and services to youth, 25 and under, around issues of sexual orientation and gender identity.

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